prevention of infection in dental clinic 2

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prevention of infection in dental clinic 2

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Important points must be remembered about hand hygiene in dentistry:
 workers in the field of health care for dental patients or skin infections Aldama, especially in hands, to avoid dealing directly with patients or touching the auspices of the special services in order to improve their dental health.
 The use of soap and water sufficient in most cases, and on the surgical procedures, you must wash your hands before surgery using disinfectants Honor health or substance Bdllekema alcohol.
 must use running water to wash hands, avoid hand-washing basin in the stagnant water.
 drying hands thoroughly with a clean towel to be disposed of after that.

Hand-washing steps
1. Make disarm any jewelry worn.
2. The current water Moisten your hands with soap and Agzlema. Be sure to massage your hands with soap College for 30 seconds.
3. Ashtef hands with water and Ajafvhma well before wearing glove.
4. You close the tap, using Merfqk to, or use a towel in the absence of valves that open and close the use of the facility.
5. Before the surgery, you wash your hands almost stretch your arms and annexes to the use of a disinfectant for five minutes, and then Ashtefhma Ajafvhma well with a sterile towel.

Hand-washing guidelines:
 to wash hands used small pieces of soap or soap cut your large pieces before use.
 Alsabonp leave after the use of soap holder liquidated so of water.
 you cut to Ozafrck to maintain continuously.
 You are wearing the disarmament of jewelery.
 always wash your hands with tap water and avoid being hand-washing or Gmarhama water in the basin of the inhabitants.
 dried your hands well with a clean paper towel and disposed of after use or the use of new clean towel.

The use of personal protective equipment
To be involved in health care for teeth, such as wearing protective equipment (Gag, and condom eye and face, gloves and single-use and abaya (Urdu) surgical) procedure at the time that have the potential to deal with Madmm blood or saliva or mucous membranes.

Work gloves to protect the health-care workers dental pollution wounds and injuries that usually affects the hands.
• use of clean gloves to examine patients and do procedures that surgery is not used to taking into account only once and then disposed of and not to use with other patients or cleaned using disinfectants.
• be wearing thick gloves when cleaning multi-use tools and contaminated surfaces.

Tips particular Balqvazet
 must wear gloves to each patient and never using the same glove to examine the other patients.
 must wash your hands after gloves disarmament of any kind.
 is the single-use gloves (Allenbozp) checks valid for patients and surgical procedures.
 must wear sterile gloves before surgical procedures.

Earmuffs eyes
Must be wearing the course of action that might be accompanied by the spray of saliva, blood or those that were likely to be issued by fragments (such as: Alomaljm article), where protect eyes from injury and microbial infections such as HIV (me) that causes inflammation of the liver, which can spread through the eye conjunctivitis .

Respirators (gas masks)
To protect mucous membranes of the nose and mouth of the spray must be based health-care workers wearing of teeth during dental treatment, to be changed in case of Aptlalha. With the wearing of masks for each new patient may not be wearing outside the room after use dental treatment.

Face masks
They serve as a mucous membrane protects the eye, nose and mouth of the spray.

Aprons and abayas (robes and coveralls) medical protective
Such as surgical gowns (coveralls), including the re-use, including what used to only once. Must be worn in cases of potential contamination of clothing with blood or body fluids different.
Requires the following:
• must be neck and long sleeves to protect the arms of the spray.
• made of material impervious to liquids, if possible.
• must be replaced between patients or in the case of apparent contamination at least.
• You must remove before leaving the workplace.
• The veiled women who work in health care dental wear the veil particular the work to be substituted before leaving work, as well as in the case of apparent contamination.
• Wash laundry in protective clothing for health facility
(See separate deal with the furnishings and sheets - Part I).

Protective rubber (taking into cardiac patient)
The use of rubber condoms routinely effective means within the mouth to protect both patients and health care workers to the teeth.
• protective rubber mainly used to isolate age, dental and maintain dry during dental procedures.
• Use rubber condoms reduce the chances of emission spray during the treatment, it also reduces workers dealing directly with the mucous membranes mouths of patients.
• rubber condoms is one of the effective means to reduce bacterial pollution resulting from the friction cardiac patient.

Infection control in the preparation phase treated
Infection control procedures beginning of the phase of preparation for medical treatment. This is because the interest in the prevention of infection at this stage has many benefits, in addition to limiting the risk of infection during treatment for the patient, it makes procedures for preventing the spread of the infection in the next phase of treatment easier and more effective.

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