prevention of infection in dental clinic 4

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prevention of infection in dental clinic 4

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Infection control procedures applied during treatment (the dental chair) details
1. You deal with caution when handling sharp instruments. Many of the tools used in the dental field can easily cause disruption or injury to the skin gloves, so we must when handling these tools to follow the appropriate way for them (see chapter on "methods of anti pollution" - Part I)
2. You deal carefully with needles and Asernecat (syringes). See the section "safe disposal of waste and sharp instruments - Part I".
3. You use rubber condoms as possible. See under "protective rubber" in this chapter.
4. Avoid touching the keys and the handles and other equipment that are not available yet pollution protection gloves. If you touch or handle any of these tools you should carefully cleaned and disinfected after completion of treatment.

Continued Table (2): infection control procedures applied during treatment

Infection control procedures applied during treatment (the dental chair) details
5. Avoid open drawers or glove booths once the pollution. The good preparation will reduce the need to open the drawers and booths for additional elements after the contamination of the glove. In spite of this, the Tdtrk need for this action apart from good preparation. There are many ways to deal with this situation with the maintenance of effective action to prevent infection:
You can simply request the assistance of another
q person.
You can use the new Kartdae protective plastic gloves to deal with
q the handle stairs or cabin.
in the case could not take any action the
q previous then you should remove contaminated gloves and wash your hands well before handling or storage drawers medication, then returned wearing gloves prior to the completion of treatment the patient.

Infection control in the next phase of treatment
The process of preventing infection even after the departure of the patient's dental clinic, although the preparations well in the pre-treatment works to facilitate the treatment itself, but there are many procedures to be followed after the completion of the treatment of the patient.
Table (3): infection control procedures in the post-treatment
Infection control procedures in the next phase of treatment details
1. You use of personal protective equipment during the cleaning process. After dealing with the patient, beginning the process of cleaning and disinfection and to remove contaminated gloves, which were used during the treatment and removed the glove Qom laundering good hands and then wear thick gloves before the start of the cleaning process, while continuing to wear the protective eyes and Gag and abaya (cloak) .
2. You eliminate all personal protective equipment worn. Your disposal all the means of protection that was installed before the treatment, including the handles, light blankets, sheets and work surface by placing them in a bag waste leak-proof in the trash.
3. You disposal of blood and fluids that have been Hvtha and collected bottles inside the assembly during the treatment. The disposal of these fluids ideal is necessary and be emptied bottles in the basins of the assembly sinks sanitation for the disposal of this type of fluid after only solution that will be used chlorine concentration of 1000 ppm to clear the collection bottle dental unit to be filled out completely and left for Ten minutes to strip them of the solution and then washed well-being pure water. It also can be used efficiently and assembly systems that use one-time only where they are disposed of after that.
4. You clean up and clear all the things that are not protected. (See under the heading of "clean, sterilize and the dental unit and from the rooftops" in this chapter).

Infection control procedures in the next phase of treatment details
5. China's transfer of your tools to contain the cleaning and sterilization are separated from the treatment room. Would be better to have a special room for the tools to deal with within the dental clinics are taking each of these tools alone, may not take a combination of these tools once so as not to cause the increased risk wounds and injuries which may cause these tools, to be handled carefully With sharp tools, where the dental cleaning tools through the Scrubbing Brush well with soap and water and also can be cleaned using these tools with ultrasound flushing well after the completion of the cleaning, thus making these tools designed to sterilization (see under the heading "Ways sterilization of instruments "With this chapter).
6. Advised the sterilization of the handles (Hand pieces) whenever possible. Preferred to use the handles designed to be sterilized by steam in dental treatment. In the case could not handle the sterilization or steam heating, chemical disinfectant can be used for this purpose.

Steps to deal with handles:
Handles your money laundering and unloading of the water in the basin or container.
Make good use of a Bdekha cleaning products and water to remove any material pending.
Make Ptaqimha after that.

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