prevention of infection in dental clinic 3

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prevention of infection in dental clinic 3

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Prevention of infection in pre-treatment details
1. Make the exclusion of non-essential items from the place of work. Must be arranged in the workplace contributes to facilitate the process of cleaning after each patient
2. Your pre-preparation tools that will be needed during the treatment select all the tools, medicines, prints and other materials that would be required in the process of treatment, taking into account that the preparation reduces the need to seek additional elements or having to open drawers or glove booths after pollution .
3. Make sure to use a single-use tools (Allenbozp) as possible. The use of tools is a single-use disposal and then save time during the process of cleaning and disinfection as it resolved the problem of dealing with the tools to be used.
4. Make use of trays containing preparation prior to a routine tools to be used frequently. Advance preparation to help reduce the chance of opening the drawers and booths after the beginning of treatment procedures.
5. You use capital sterile dental drilling machines are changed at each use individually. The use of capital dental drilling machines to be changed after each use individually required for specific help to prevent contamination of other dental drilling machines, which would not require such action, and facilitates the process of cleaning.
6. Make a rubber condoms to China if necessary. In the case of the need to use protective rubber in medical procedures, it should be prepared on the Chinese equipment with other things they need high-speed unloading process.

Continued Table (1): infection control procedures during the preparatory stage of treatment
Prevention of infection in the pre-treatment details
7. Select the things that could be contaminated during the process of treatment. Must be identified things that could be contaminated during the process of treatment and during the preparatory process prior to the start of the remedial action for example: the work surfaces and handles light and X-ray units and tables trays .. Etc.. To determine whether you used condoms prevent contamination of these tools or surfaces (such as: Casings plastic or aluminum sheets) will be cleansed or after the completion of these procedures.
8. Review prior to the commencement of patient records in the process of treatment with radiation to the panel presentation. Do not leave the patient's record on the desktop and warn of touched upon initiation of the treatment procedures, and must put it into the stairs or outside the treatment should be free from pollution. You must enter a record of patient data before Oobad for treatment.
9. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for water lines and maintenance of dental unit. Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the maintenance of water pipelines, so as to the possibility of bacterial growth and accumulation within, so must the experience of water within Srnecat (disposable) water and air for at least three minutes every morning in order to get rid of any material pending, in the absence of valve retroviral Prevention Water, water lines should be clean after each patient.
10. The preparation of the personnel involved in patient care. One of the most important actions to be followed in procedures before starting treatment is to prepare a working group which will participate in patient care, and include training in the use of personal protective equipment (such as: condoms and gowns and eye masks (masks) and gloves) in addition to cleaning hands.

Infection control procedures applied during treatment
(The dental chair)
That prevention of infection have been addressed in the above table when applied to reduce the risk of infection-causing microbes, but where is the beginning that there are many procedures to be followed to reduce the risk of infection during the healing process.

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